With expertise in landscape architecture and a deep respect for nature, I help families think about alternatives to the traditional headstone and burial site.  Whether you’re planning a natural burial spot or a place for reflection, the process begins with a professional consultation.  By taking the time to listen to your vision for the space, I’ll be able to craft an architectural plan that brings that vision to life.



From simple designs to more complicated landscapes, I’ll work with you to design a space that accurately reflects both your vision for the site, as well as your budget and maintenance requirements.

I’ll also offer suggestions on tree and planting types based on the climate and site location.  Depending on your specifications, this may include a large oak tree, a hybrid elm or a fruit tree of your choosing.



Once the design is approved, I will travel to the burial or reflection site for the installation process.  This will include the planting of all trees and plants (including grafted designs), as well as the placement of benches or other markers.

Unless you request otherwise, I will install designs that are as easy to maintain as possible.  This will limit the required upkeep and ensure you’re able to spend more time enjoying the site – rather than caring for it.



The process of maintaining the memorial is a way for you to connect and continue caring for your loved one after they’ve passed.  Once the installation is complete, I’ll teach you how to lovingly maintain the space – ensuring its beauty is preserved for many years into the future.