With decades of experience in tree grafting and landscape architecture, I have created permanent art installations at public spaces throughout the country.  This experience has given me the opportunity to work closely with a number of professional colleagues and clients – all of whom have witnessed the high level of detail, patience and business experience I bring to each project.

Twenty years ago, Dan created the Wishbone Trees as a memorial to my mother.  And although the primary purpose of the site was to reflect on my mother’s memory, it has now become a place of even greater significance:  it is a place where friends gather, love is shared and children play.  Not only are the arches themselves alive, but so is the atmosphere of this special place.  It truly is a piece of living art.

Charlet Davenport
Woodstock, VT

Dan Ladd dedicates himself to thoughtful, expert care of his living sculptures.  He is a responsive and responsible steward of the land and materials with which he works.

Reid Bertone-Johnson, Manager of the Smith College Ada & Archibald MacLeish Field Station

Dan has the empathy and the inclination to apply his tree work to home funeral and green burial sites… this work is ideally suited for the home burial family’s personal remembrance and point of reflection… I can think of nothing better than one of Dan’s tree creations for a burial site marker.

Verandah Porsche, Poet and Town Cemetery Commissioner
Guilford, VT